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Some examples of our work  

Delta Airlines

Delta, one of the world’s largest global airlines, was planning to use a cloud based SharePoint solution for emergency preparedness HA/DR. Delta wanted users to authenticate against their AD enter this SharePoint solution with their AD Authentication being passed via ADFS.


Users now have a seamless single sign-on experience between their internal network and the cloud based SharePoint solution. Management overhead is minimal as the only maintenance required is to update the security certificate every few years.
  • Expert Guidance
    From the big picture to the smallest detail, we understand your technical requirements.
  • Advanced Security
    Configuration of ADFS, SSL, FBA

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Professional Services Firm

  • Installation of SharePoint 2010 farms
    • Development
    • Production
  • Migration of SharePoint 2007
  • Connection to external data sources
Lane Construction
Founded 1890, Lane Construction Corporation is one of America’s leading construction companies, specializing in heavy civil construction services and products in the transportation, infrastructure and energy industries.


  • SharePoint Installation for production and dev farms, with hybrid cloud setup
  • Project management system with scripted sites standup, and data transfer
  • Advanced search configuration for security trimming, and faceted search, Search customization w/refinement panels for easy search filtering.
  • FBA/ SSL, authentication
  • Taxonomy design, metadata hub setup. .
  • Custom Event Handlers for workflows
  • Custom PowerShell scripting for sites provisioning, security groups setup, and pre-population of key data.
  • Ability to migrate data from a "pursuit" to a project without having to rekey in project data or re-setup permission groups and custom permissions on libraries.
  • Data aggregation (using 2013 Search) to make dashboards of a project managers projects, tasks, and documents (and more) in one location.
TLC Engineering

TLC engineering for architecture is a leading AEC firm with 50 years of experience and is a leader in the green construction movement. For 15 years their intranet was their focus for running their business. However, it was on dated technology that was hard to update, inflexible, and of course did not integrate with anything modern.



We did a strategic roadmap project to evaluate what people's visions were for new a technology platform, and that quickly became a gaps analysis review of their existing intranet and what an ideal new SharePoint-based intranet would look like.

The project was scoped as building a replacement intranet, a new project management extranet, and a new public website that would share some integration with their other portals.

Studer Group is an outcomes based health care consulting firm devoted to teaching evidence-based tools and processes that organizations can immediately use to create and sustain outcomes in service and operational excellence since the firm’s inception in 1999 and additionally is operating in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Internal Portal


  • MOSS 2007 installation
  • SharePoint Branding
  • Design & development of MOSS 2007 SharePoint portal for collaboration and communication.
    • Custom taxonomy and search for knowledge management.
    • Workflows for business process automation.

The Vermont Country Store has a one hundred year-long history of quality services and goods. With nearly a thousand staff, famous stores, and catalogs -  merchants at The Vermont Country Store fill the needs of American and international customers alike.


Our role in short: VCS users went home at the end of the workday and when they came in the next morning they had gone from 2007 to 2013. The new branding had an improved navigation system and built-in user support system with multimedia training. As said by project manager Russ Glickman, "it was a success because there was no interruption or no surprises." We maintain a managed support agreement.

Bird Construction

As a leading general contractor in Canada with offices coast to coast, Bird Construction has been providing construction services to a long list of new and repeat clients for decades. Bird's clients include leading firms in the commercial, institutional, multi-tenant residential, industrial, mining, energy and civil sectors.


  • Document management templates were created, which now allow for quick creation of a standard project SharePoint website. These are based on the folder structure we jointed defined.
  • Project templates were built which now provide an improved and consistent user interface. This facilitates easy navigation to project documentation.
  • We reduced project team start-up time from hours to minutes and also made it possible for project structures to be consistent across all projects. E-mail storage will also be reduced, as large files will not need to be sent to multiple stakeholders.
  • Improved support for audit and legal documentation requirements through centralization and improved searching ability.  Inherent document version management should also further facilitate these processes

JCJ Architecture has been successfully providing creative solutions to clients’ design challenges for more than 70 years. Through its six offices nationally, JCJ Architecture reaches the world serving clients throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Internal Portal

JCJ Architecture

  • Design & development of MOSS 2007 SharePoint portal for collaboration and communication.
  • Content management system for
    • Document and image management system
Patriot National Insurance Group

Patriot has decades of experience in creating and administering solutions to complex workers' compensation risk management challenges. Through its subsidiaries Guarantee Insurance Company and Patriot Underwriters, Inc. they produce, underwrite and administer alternative market and traditional workers' compensation insurance plans for insurance companies, segregated cell captives and reinsurers.

Patriot national insurance group

  • SharePoint migrations, branding, intranet and Corporate website
  • Numerous business process automation projects
  • Resulted in online approval process enabling staff to see where in the process the form is.
  • Automated word document generation for the final agreement that minimizes chance of error do to re-keying information.
  • Dashboards to show document status at any phase.
  • Document management to track versions and keep documents all in one location related to the agreement.
  • During the process of documenting the process inefficiencies were discovered and the whole workflow process was simplified because of the project.
  • Reporting that can be run at any time for tracking volume, dollars, type of agreements, etc.


Since 1965, CVCAC's extensive network of programs has worked to help people achieve economic sufficiency with dignity and to support individual and family development.

Agency wide


(our SharePoint web application )

CVCAC : Central Vermont
Community Action Council

  • Design & deployment of network infrastructure, servers, and WAN connectivity.
  • Design & development of public web(s) and internal SharePoint based portal(s).
  • vHelpDesk based on our "certified for windows" SharePoint based help desk solution accelerator
  • Managed IT services over 10 years

“SimplePortals's wide range of services has made them a vital partner for CVCAC. From agency wide software solutions to network support. We have hundreds of users at a dozen locations accessing network services that are very reliable and automated. SimplePortals has proven the willingness to go well beyond the the ordinary to meet our agency's unique needs.”

Curt Whiteway, IT Manager


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