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In many organizations SharePoint sites quickly get out of control.
We can fix that.

We provide sensible and practical Governance plans and guidance. We'll guide you to use policy-based management for content added to SharePoint. Restricted custom site templates, taxonomies and content types, and even auto-tagging of your documents. In summary, Taxonomy ensures data is classified correctly by end-users and secondly, automation can manage data once it is properly classified.

Governance for SharePoint is not a checklist of administrative settings.

Governance is a set of policies and procedures that minimize risks and provide a blueprint for predictable outcomes at every stage of your SharePoint deployment.

Our Governance Services
  • Custom provisioning
  • Provisioning policy per site type defines level of automation and self-service
  • Use provisioning wizard to collection data related to SLM
  • Store SLM data in site properties or a site inventory list
  • Site Lifecycle Management
  • Maintain the integrity of your organization’s SharePoint taxonomy
  • Enforce governance policies
    • Keep your organization’s look and feel consistent throughout
    • Prevent random deviations from company site standards
  • Provide users with an easy way to request SharePoint sites or groups of sites
  • Specify different site request profiles for different sites or groups of sites
  • Automate your organization's approval process for requesting new SharePoint sites
    • Sites are approved and created much more quickly
    • Custom workflows can automate the approval of requested sites and bottlenecks are eliminated



Provisioning may include the following repeatable tasks:

  • Create a SharePoint site using the same template
  • Add a link to the site into a site directory or other list of links
  • Assign Full Control, Contributor, or Reader rights to certain users or groups of users
  • Set default metadata values for certain lists and libraries
  • Set a default due date for all tasks in a task list based on a projected project end date
  • Assign default tasks to different employees, depending on their role within the project
  • Create custom alerts on specific lists or document libraries within the site
  • Notify the appropriate people that the site has been created

When done manually, each bullet identified above is another step in the process. When every step is completed, the process is time consuming. If a step is missed, the end-user experience is bound to suffer. Users may be able to locate a site, but they can’t access it. Project team members may find it more difficult to locate sites for projects to which they have been assigned. Deadlines could be missed when task due dates are not set. Managers and executives will spend too much of their time trying to track down the status of projects or identify projects based on category. If the wrong site template is used, the site will need to be deleted and re-created. If not, certain pieces of key information will not be collected in the site.

The SharePoint Effect
We often see “worst practices” and unpredictable results when SharePoint is unleashed on an enterprise without setting up proper governance policies. We call this the “SharePoint effect,” which is often characterized by some or all of the following:

  • Runaway growth as SharePoint users hijack control, creating high-profile sites, adding content accessible to hundreds or thousands of users, and setting permissions and rights without enterprise planning, strategy or support
  • Never-ending streams of enhancement requests that go unanswered
  • Lack of clarity on who is storing what in SharePoint
  • Inability to track or audit who has accessed items stored in SharePoint lists and document libraries
  • Inability to gain consensus from the business on goals and priorities for SharePoint
  • Irrelevant or outdated content
  • Lack of document life-cycle policies, including mandated archiving and destruction requirements


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