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Infowise & SharePoint No-Code Workflow Basics

Seminar Outline

Session 1: Introduction to InfoWise

This session provides the introduction to where Infowise fits into business processes, the requirements for using it and provides a framework for the rest of the course.

  • What is Infowise?

  • How it fits into your business processes

  • How to get started with Infowise

Session 2: Creating and Editing Forms

This session will get into the use of form templates vs. starting from scratch. Users will get to create their own form that will be used throughout the course.

  • Where to start

  • Creating your structure

  • Adding controls to the page

Session 3: Connecting SharePoint Lists

Forms can be very powerful when they pull data from other sources to use in the form for lookups and other fields. Users will learn how to connect to external data sources and use that data source to populate controls in the form.

Session 4: Publishing your Forms to SharePoint

Infowise and SharePoint 2013/2016 work great together. In this session you will publish your form to a SharePoint site, and create views to help with reporting on form results.

  • Turn form fields into Create a custom content type based on your form

  • Create SharePoint columns in SharePoint from your form

  • Use that metadata to create custom views in SharePoint for your data

Session 5: Working with form controls, validation, formatting and much more

Users will learn how to add more controls, data validation and formatting your form to make it a useful business tool for data connection.

  • Review of all controls available

  • Add in data validation for certain fields

  • Learn how to set conditional formatting

  • Setup a field with a custom calculation

  • Add in views to your form

Session 6: Introduction to SharePoint Designer 2013/2016 Workflows

This session provides an introduction to SharePoint Designer workflows and the built-in Out of the Box (OOTB) workflows. What are the workflows used for, how are they used and what are the benefits of creating your own vs. utilizing OOTB workflows. We will review the different types of workflows that can be created like global, reusable or list based workflows.

Session 7: Customizing the OOTB approval workflow

This session will take the OOTB approval workflow and add some basic customization like e-mail and logs.

Session 8: Creating your first workflow

This session will create a custom workflow that links to your custom content type that we created in earlier sessions for a reusable workflow.

Session 9: Creating conditions and actions

This session goes to the next step and reviews the conditions, actions and branching that can be used in the workflow steps.

  • What kinds of things can you do with a workflow?

  • Create an If statement

  • Create conditions to determine what happens next in the workflow

  • Create actions based on the conditions set

Session 10: Publishing your workflow

This session completes the workflow and publishes it to SharePoint for testing and use.

Target Audience
End users who work with content and need to create or manage forms and workflows are the target audience for this course.
Seminar Format
Web based or at your location.
Seminar Objectives
This two day course will allow power users to create custom Infowise forms for data gathering and create custom approval workflows via SharePoint Designer 2013/2016.
What you will learn
Create forms. Link forms to data. Integrate with SharePoint. Conditional formatting. Workflows.
Seminar Deliverables
We will have a working build as early as possible in the project and keeping the application working as we add features.
Seminar Duration
The seminar is 2 days.
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