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Advanced Infowise & SharePoint No-Code Workflows

Seminar Outline

Session 1: Infowise Forms

Forms are behind much of what we do in SharePoint whether it is adding, editing or displaying list items or applying meta data to a document. Microsoft Office Infowise 2013/2016 is a powerful tool for developing XML-based forms. Users will begin by learning the basics of using the Infowise desktop client as a stand-alone tool for creating forms. You will learn:

  • Understanding forms as a primary driver of business processes

  • List item forms in SharePoint

  • Benefits of Infowise

  • Data Binding and how Infowise forms work

  • Forms from a designer’s perspective

  • Forms from a user's perspective

Session 2: Designing Forms 

Understanding who your form users are and what they need is critical in creating forms and processes that work. Understanding who your audiences are and what they need is critical in creating forms, reporting and processes that work. Making forms easy to fill out correctly is the goal. In this Session, you will learn:

  • How to identify your process improvement opportunities

  • Understanding the audiences for your forms and the data they need

  • What questions your form needs

  • Form layout and design best practices

Session 3: Getting Started with Infowise

You start making sense of the program, its features and the kinds of forms you can create. In this Session you will begin by designing a form and understanding the structure of the data source behind that form. You will learn:

  • Form templates

  • Controls that are available

  • Template parts

  • Data sources

Session 4: Publishing Infowise Forms to SharePoint

In this Session you will publish your form to a SharePoint site, and create views to help with reporting on form results. You will learn to:

  • Form fields and metadata columns

  • Creating reporting views

Session 5: Data Connections to Submit Data

Data connections and submit options simplify the process and make completing the form a one-click proposition. In this Session you will learn to:

  • Form completion how and where to submit

  • Reduce form complexity

  • Automate file name creation and data submission

Session 6: Data Connections to Receive Data

How to use the data that already exists to make it easier to fill out forms. In this Session, you will learn:  

  • Kinds of data connections you can create in Infowise

  • Cascading filters

  • Populating form fields based on other form field values. 

Session 7: Using Rules in your Infowise Forms

Learn to create rules that add powerful logic to your Infowise forms solutions by giving you workflow-type capabilities built into your form to do things like set a field’s value, create a filename, and submit form data, etc. You will learn:

  • Types of rules and how to create them
  • Managing rules associated with form controls
  • Validate data with rules
  • Create rules to retrieve data
  • Built-in Rule Inspector

Session 8: Conditional Formatting

Help your users by creating formatting rules for your form controls that are based on conditions or values within the form. You can change the font, background shading color or whether to show, hide or disable the control altogether.

Session 9: Leveraging User Roles in Your Forms

Know who the user is to present different views of the form based on their role in the organization. You will learn:

  • Determine the current user’s role and which method best suits your needs
  • Default fill form fields (name, email, department, etc.) based on current user
  • Switch views based on the user’s role

Session 10: SharePoint Workflow Basics

Learn about the out-of-the-box workflows and how you can customize them for your needs. In this Session you will learn:

  • Methods for creating custom workflows
  • SharePoint workflow development for non-developers/programmers
  • Visio for workflow development

Session 11: Getting Started with SharePoint Designer Workflows

This session will review where to start what kind of workflow to create and where to go from there. In this Session you will learn:

  • Types of workflows you can create and when to use them
  • Item events which trigger workflow
  • Steps, actions and conditions
  • Else-if conditional branching
  • Test and debug your workflows
  • How to build, test and use a workflow

Session 12: Using Workflows to update list items

In this session you will look at all the options for interacting with lists, updating items, deleting items, creating items and much more. In this Session you will learn:

  • Looking up information in another list based on data in the current item
  • Updating list items
  • Creating and deleting items in other lists
  • List, column, row: understanding the lookup wizard
  • Collecting data from a user via workflow

Session 13: Creating Site Workflows

This session focuses on site workflows and what they are such as request permissions for a site, request a new site, or provide feedback. In this Session you will learn:

  • Creating and publishing site workflows
  • Creating form elements for the workflow users to interact with
  • Creating list items to capture information from users
  • Creating a new site on site provisioning approval

Session 14: Creating Reusable Workflows

When creating a custom workflow using SharePoint Designer 2013/2016, you can choose to create a workflow that will only be used with a specific list, library, content type, or site. Reusable workflows can be associated with multiple lists, libraries, content types, or sites. In this Session you will learn how and when to use reusable workflows.

Session 15: Infowise and SharePoint Forms Services

Learn about Forms Services which is included with the Enterprise edition of SharePoint Server 2013/2016 and gives you the capability to create Infowise forms that your users can fill out right in a browser. In this Session you will learn:

  • Browser-enabled forms
  • Form controls and features are compatible with browser forms
  • Infowise design checker
  • Making forms easier to find, fill and submit

Session 16: Receiving Data from Web Services

In this session you will learn about web services you can tap into with your forms. The SharePoint user profile web service can return all that and more. In this Session you will learn:

  • Connect to SharePoint web services
  • Simplify your forms by pre-filling form fields for your users

Session 17: Working with Digital Signatures

Learn how to use digital signatures in your forms. In this Session, you will learn:

  • Digital Signatures and how they work
  • Signing, counter signing and cosigning
  • Determine the presence of a digital signature by rule

Session 18: Customizing SharePoint List Item Forms with Infowise

In this session you will learn to customize your list item forms with Infowise. In this Session you will:

  • Customize the list item forms in Infowise
  • Cascading (filtered) drop down choice columns

Session 19: Storing Data in External Databases and Reporting

Learn about the ability to store your form data in an external database instead of in the form. In this Session, Users will learn:

  • Submit to a database via a web service
  • Create simple reports on SQL data originating from an Infowise form
  • Create a reporting dashboard using the Data View web part

Session 20: Using Visio 2013/2016 for Visual Workflow Design

Learn to design your workflow using workflow tools in Visio 2013/2016 and import the results into SharePoint Designer to apply the logic and actions.

Session 21: Take a look at your business specific issues

In this session we will review issues that you have seen in your own business that need a custom solution. The session will work to prototype a solution based on the training in the class.


Target Audience
For Power Users and Developers who want to learn how to incorporate Infowise and workflows  into SharePoint solutions using no-code solutions.
Seminar Format
Web based or at your location.
Seminar Objectives
The seminar objective is to provide users with the skills necessary to take advantage of Infowise, Forms Services, and Workflow Designer in SharePoint Designer 2013/2016 for the purpose of automating business processes in SharePoint Server 2013/2016.
What you will learn
Students will have a working knowledge of: Creating forms, publishing forms, working with multiple data sources, best practices in form design, custom SPD workflows and more.
Seminar Deliverables
Knowledge transfer and a working site template with custom forms and workflows.
Seminar Duration
The seminar is 4 days.
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